CUSP Goals

As a result of the work of the CUSP Network:


1. Relationships

Relationships among members and with key Canadian partner organizations are stronger and higher value to sustainability practitioners and their representative councils.

2. Federal Policy

Federal policy and programs are informed by the experiences and perspectives of the Network’s members and partners and address the sustainability and climate change needs and objectives of member communities.

3. Canadian Content

Canadian-specific research and analyses related to targets and commitments; data and reporting; financing and partnerships; and, equity and engagement of First Nations and other groups, have been developed to fill information gaps and/or gain efficiencies and productivity of municipal practitioners and partners.

4. Funding

Funding for sustainability and climate action in Canadian communities is greater, more diverse and more stable.

5. Network

The network effectiveness of USDN is enhanced for CUSP members; and, in turn, CUSP members are key contributors to the USDN and its broader membership.


CUSP  2017-2019 Strategic Plan Highlights: