Launched in the spring of 2015, the CUSP network connects sustainability practitioners from Canada’s large and leading cities and provides added capacity to support their collective efforts and expand their reach and impact.


CUSP connects member cities, affiliate networks, and key partners to overcome shared challenges and advance individual, yet common goals. By cooperating on Canadian-specific issues, Canada’s large and leading cities are able to leverage opportunity with partners, attract funders, and collectively inform FCM efforts to shape federal policy and programs and operationalize those efforts locally.

Connecting Canada

Our collective voice has the ability to inspire, inform, and influence; our collective efforts, the ability to accelerate and disseminate effective urban sustainability outcomes at scale. When connected and aligned, the CUSP network and its partners can produce meaningful impact at the community scale, and can help shape the policy, programs, projects, and pursuits of senior government and others in a way that will be most effective when executed

CUSP Projects

Visit our Projects page to learn about and access the resources from CUSP’s priority projects, such as our work with our Partner Network, USDN on Equity in Clean Energy Program Design.

Working With CUSP

Member Municipalities and Partners

CUSP’s 16 member cities include Victoria, Saanich, Vancouver, North Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, New Westminster, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg,Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax.  Combined, CUSP's members represent a population of 18 million, or one half of the country’s population and generate $1 billion, or 55% of the country’s GDP.

There are a number of organizations who contribute to advancing sustainability in Canadian communities; and, local governments, non-profits, and philanthropic organizations are all under increasing pressure to do more and do better with fewer resources. As sustainability programming in cities pivots from planning to implementation, effective and committed partnerships are critical to pool the requisite skills and resources, and produce the necessary results, within the imperative timelines.  CUSP works with a number of affiliate member networks, national partners and funders.

Guiding Principles

The Network, its staff and members direct our efforts in a way that
a) adds value for member cities;
b) cooperates, rather than competes, with USDN, FCM, and existing Canadian networks; and
c) optimizes resources of staff, members and partners, by seeking opportunities to align with others, to augment and enhance the work of others, to fill gaps not served by others, and to avoid duplication